Master Plan of Supe and Barranca

Master Plan for the comprehensive and sustainable development of the populations of Supe and Barranca

Taking into account the global significance of the archaeological heritage of Supe Valley and its area of influence, which is one of the most important resources for the present population, in 2004 the Caral-Supe Special Archaeological Project invited a multidisciplinary team of professionals to draw up a “Master Plan for the Comprehensive and Sustainable Development of Supe and Barranca” that would make it possible to plan sustainable development, with a comprehensive approach.

The “Master Plan” includes archaeological research, as well as the preservation and dissemination of the values of the monumental sites; the revaluation of the intangible cultural heritage; recovery of appropriate knowledge and technologies; conservation of the environment and natural resources; promotion of ecological agriculture; the manufacture of handicraft products with cultural identity; and the rendering of tourist services.

The intention of Caral Archaeological Zone in proposing this “Master Plan” is to turn the Sacred City of Caral, a World Heritage site, as well as the other settlements belonging to the Oldest Civilization in the Americas into a symbol whereby the cultural identity of all Peruvians is strengthened and their self-esteem improved, and to promote better living conditions for the population of the region and of the whole country.

Summary of Master Plan of Caral-Supe
Master Plan – Full Version - Volume I
Master Plan – Full Version - Volume II
Master Plan – Full Version - Volume III