How To Get Here To Caral

The Sacred City of Caral is in Supe, in the province of Barranca to the north of Lima (Kilometer 184 of Carretera Panamericana Norte or North Pan-American Highway, in the north-central area of Peru. To reach the Sacred City of Caral, you can take one of the following routes:

ROUTE 01: Vía oficial Official Route

If you have your own means of transport, use ROUTE 1 (Turn off at Km 184 – you will see signs to guide you).  After approximately 23 kilometers you will reach the “Centro Poblado” or village of Caral; follow the right-hand road to the tourist hostel as far as the pedestrian bridge.  From there you will have to walk about 20 minutes to the site’s reception center.

Mapa Turistico - Ruta 01

Crossing the river

Visitors with their own means of transport will be able to take the short cut to cross the river from mid-May to mid-November.  This route takes you directly to the reception center of the Sacred City of Caral.

Mapa Turistico - Ruta 01- Alternativa (Cruce del Río)

ROUTE 02: Alternate Route

The other option to reach the site, when Supe River is full of water (from December to April), is a dirt road branching off from Km 160 of the North Pan-American Highway in the direction of Végueta. From here you will drive on for another 24 kilometers: this route is very poorly signposted, so we recommend it for people who are already familiar with the route.

Mapa Turistico - Ruta 02- Alternativa (Granja)

Public transport

To get to the Sacred City of Caral:

  • Take a bus going north as far as Supe Pueblo, at kilometer 184 of the Panamericana Norte or North Pan-American Highway.
  • Get off the bus at Supe Market.  One block away from the market you will find the taxis and colectivos (group taxis) that go to the Centro Poblado or village Caral.
  • If you use the colectivo service, the car will leave you at the pedestrian entrance to the archeological site, where there is a well signposted pedestrian route.  It will take you about 20 minutes to reach the site of Caral.The fare is approximately S/.4.00, and the cars leave once they have six passengers.
  • If you use the taxi service, which costs approximately S/. 40.00, the cars will take you to the reception area of the archaeological site.  A return service can be requested, but you must coordinate this previously with the driver. Please note that for the return journey, the colectivos only drive through Supe Valley up to 4:00 p.m.