Educational Excursions Program

What are the educational excursions?

This is a cultural service designed to promote the Sacred City of Caral as a tourist destination, which will later include other contemporary archaeological sites, such as: Chupacigarro; Miraya; Lurihuasi; Áspero – the Fishing Town of the Caral Civilization – (in Supe Valley); and Vichama – the Agricultural and Fishing Town of Végueta – (in Huaura Valley).

You will be able to visit the community museums of Supe and Végueta; and, depending on the season, protected natural areas such as the Lomas de Lachay, the Albufera de Medio Mundo, and La Isla beach.

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Regular excursions:
PrecioServicios IncluidosSalidas
S/ 150.00 (ciento cincuenta soles por persona)Movilidad, Entradas, Guías, AlmuerzoSábados y Domingos, previa inscripción, la partida se realiza en el frontis del Museo de la Nación (Ministerio de Cultura) . Av. Javier Prado Este 2465 - San Borja
S/ 120.00 (ciento veinte soles. Niños hasta los 12 años de edad)Movilidad, Entradas, Guías, Almuerzo especial para niños
Special requests:

We organize excursions for private and state institutions at any time of the year, and we can collect you from a pick-up point in Metropolitan Lima.

On long weekends, we also schedule excursions of two days/one night.

Viajes Educativos


Make your reservation HERE or in any of the following ways:

  • Fill out and send the reservation form published on our web site:
  • Send us an e-mail to:
  • Phone: 205 2517 during office hours: Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. / 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Come to our offices at: Av. Las Lomas de La Molina 327 – La Molina.
  • After making your reservation, and having checked the availability and received confirmation of the excursion in coordination with the promoter of the Educational Excursions Program, you may then deposit your payment in the current account of Banco de la Nación: 0068234808 (at the counter or via internet); or in the Banco de Crédito account: 193-2146390-0-06.
  •  ZAC will send you the recommendations and group contact at the latest one day prior to the scheduled excursion.
Terms and Restrictions Of The Educational Excursion
  • On the day of the excursion, the participant must, without fail, hand in the original receipt for the deposit in ZAC’s current account, and the ZAC staff member will give him or her a receipt of payment for the amount deposited.
  • Participants who, for reasons beyond their control, are unable to do the excursion on the selected date, will be able to reschedule the visit, but must let us know 24 hours before the planned trip. They will also have to pay for their lunch on the rescheduled date.
  • If an untimely cancellation is made, the trip can be rescheduled, but a penalty will be charged.
  • ZAC cannot accept liability for any change in the itineraries or dates of the excursions caused by external factors (such as natural disasters that may prevent circulation on the highway, strikes, or any type of social conflict, etc.).