Caral At School

Under the terms of  an agreement with Local Education Management N° 16 of Barranca (UGEL 16-Barranca), Caral Archaeological Zone is implementing the “Caral at School” Program, which consists in transmitting to the school population of the province of Barranca the historical, social, and cultural values of  Caral, the oldest civilization in the Americas.  It also seeks to raise the awareness of young people in the province of Barranca of the importance of the archaeological heritage as a key element for the construction of their social and cultural identity, and for promoting social cohesion and self-esteem.

The “Caral at School” program is for schoolchildren, mainly from government-run schools in the province of Barranca, who are in 5th and 6th grade of primary or in 4th and 5th year of secondary education.